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Current Price Sheet

Minimum cost for any quilt is $50



Overall design, Edge to Edge                              $0.015-0.07 per square inch

Tee Shirt Quilts, edge to edge                           $0.020-0.10 per square inch

Light custom, separate borders                        $0.025-0.12 per square inch

Custom quilting, multiple designs                    $0.04-0.30 per square inch


Batting: (individual batting can be bought at under retail)

Cotton/Polyester                                                    $6-10 per yard

Bamboo Blend                                                        $12-18 per yard

Wool                                                                         $16-45 per batt

Other options available


Thread: I carry Glide. and Affinity Variegated, Superior So Fine, Magnifico, Omni and King Tut. I carry a wide variety of colors. I charge by the bobbin which runs from $1.50 to $3.00 per bobbin. Whole cones may be purchased if needed. Both thread and batting must include include Arizona sales tax, currently at 8.7%. 



Binding:(Length and width of quilt times 2 plus 20 inches)

  1. Client provides binding, applied by machine to front after quilting $0.10 per linear inch

  2. Client provides binding. Sewn on front by machine and hand stitched to back by Sonoran Sky Quilting.  $0.35 per linear inch

  3. I prepare binding from your fabric is an additional $.05 per inch. If I provide the material, there is additional cost. 


Basting:(no quilting, just basting the layers together for hand or home machine quilting.   $25-45 depending on size of quilt.


Pressing:                              $10-25                                                 Fixing a wonky top:            $10 and up

Seaming:                               $10 per seam                                    Fixing a back:                       $10 and up

Sleeve:                                  $12                                                      Fabric (backing or binding) $12.00 yard


Squaring:                              $10-20


Custom labels available made with an embroidery machine. $10-$25.00. Ask to see samples. 

Custom embroidery starts at $0.10 per 1000 stitches, with a $15.00 set up fee. 


RUSH JOBS:  Add in another 50% on top for any rush job. 

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