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Current Price Sheet

Minimum cost for any QUILT is $50.

Rush Jobs : Add in another 50% at my discretion


Overall Design, Edge to Edge.                     $0.02-0.07 per square inch

Tee Shirt Quilts, Edge to Edge                     $0.04-0.10 per square inch

Light Custom , Separate Borders                 $0.03-0.12 per square inch

Custom quilting , multiple designs                  $0.04-0.30+ per square Inch

Batting: (individual batting can be bought under retail cost) I carry Quilters Dream and WinLine

Cotton blend.                                                      $6-10 per square yard

Bamboo blend                                                    $12-18 per square yard

Wool                                                                    $16-45 per square yard


I carry Glide and Affinity variegated , Superior So Fine, Magnifico, and Omni. I carry a wide variety of colors. I charge by the bobbin which runs from $1.50-$3.00 per bobbin.Whole cones may be purchased if needed. Both thread and batting costs must include Arizona sales tax, currently at 8.7%. 

Binding: (Length and width of Quilt plus 20")

1. Client provides prepared binding . Applied to front after quilting. $0.10 per linear inch. 

2. Client provides prepared binding . Applied to front after quilting, , hand stitched to back $0.35 per linear inch.

3. Client provides binding fabric, I make binding. An additional $0.05 per linear inch. 

4. If I need to provide fabric that will be additional at cost of fabric. 

5. If the quilt has wavy or scalloped edges, bias binding is required and will cost much more. Ask fro details. 

Basting: (No quilting,, just basting layers together for hand or home machine quilting) $25-40 depending on size. 

Pressing:                 $10-25                                           Fixing a wonky top:                 $10 and up

Seaming:                 $10 per seam                                 Fixing a back:                         $10 and up

Sleeve:                    $12                                                 Fabric: $12.00 and up

Squaring:                $10-20


Custom Labels are available. Ask to see samples.  $10-25. other embroidery jobs run $0.10 per 1000 stitches and a set up fee.   

Custom Quilts are quoted depending on size and complexity. 

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