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How Can I Choose a Quilting Pattern? 


  1. Let your quilter suggest patterns

  2. Look through her 6000+ patterns until your eyes cross

  3. Choose a general category


  1. Floral                                 i. Themes

  2. Geometric                         j. Musical

  3. Traditional                        k. Sports                                  

  4. Meander                           l. Holiday

  5. Nature                              m. Stars

  6. Baby                                  n. swirls

  7. Child                                  o. circles

  8. Pets/Animals                    p. not sure



  1. In general, quilts with very angular lines look better with rounded or swirly patterns. Modern quilting is different and may choose to emphasize the linear elements.

  2. Again, in general, curved lines in quilts often look better with angular patterns. 

  3. In the end, you can choose any pattern you want or let your quilter choose. Your quilt will be beautiful either way. 

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